Shoot like a Girl: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

Author Kari gathered the little-known facts of Anne Oakley’s young life before joining Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and weaved a heartfelt journey of all the hardships Anne may have endured before her life of fame.

I found myself cheering for the young girl who could outshoot men and who only sought to survive so that she could help her mom and siblings, who faced losing their home after her father’s death.

The suffering she endured at the hands of the Wolves, the family she worked for to help support her mom, pulled at my mom’s heartstrings. Her resilient spirit and determination to keep going and stand up for herself in a time when a women’s voice was easily ignored, filled my woman’s pride senses. The narrator did a spectacular job. I didn’t want to stop listening to this adventurous book.

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6 thoughts on “Shoot like a Girl: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

  1. Faith and Books, thanks for sharing your review! Shoot Like a Girl sounds like an excellent listen and I am looking forward to enjoying it! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a wonderful weekend!

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