The Bones of Amoret: Audiobook Review + Giveaway

My thoughts: This is definitely a whodunit mystery, with the author displaying a great sense of humor. I got a copy of the audiobook from the author and iReadtours, but was not required to give a good review. The narrator did an outstanding job as the elderly Doctor Noah, who tells a reporter of the … Continue reading The Bones of Amoret: Audiobook Review + Giveaway

Ivy Introspective: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

I love this series! While book one is the POV of Alice and her mother, and book two is the POV of Ivy and her grandmother. I love watching Ivy grow into her own person as she learns to express herself through music and learns to trust people.The subject and stigma of mental health are … Continue reading Ivy Introspective: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

The Dressmaker’s Secret: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

Great start to a new series! I loved that this has the point of view of the mom and the eight-year-old daughter, Alice. The young girl's curiosity was spot on, making me chuckle when she spoke her mind or smiled at her inner thoughts.Her longing to know of and about her father pulled at my … Continue reading The Dressmaker’s Secret: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

Shoot like a Girl: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

Author Kari gathered the little-known facts of Anne Oakley's young life before joining Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and weaved a heartfelt journey of all the hardships Anne may have endured before her life of fame. I found myself cheering for the young girl who could outshoot men and who only sought to survive so … Continue reading Shoot like a Girl: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

Girl with a Gun: Audiobook Review & Giveawy

It's an honor to review the first novel in Kari Bovée's Annie Oakley mystery series. Yes, mystery series. The author fictionalized Annie as an amateur detective putting her in murder scenes she never faced in real life. While full of facts, Kari mention's in her author's notes that she messes with the timeline to fit … Continue reading Girl with a Gun: Audiobook Review & Giveawy

Love Amid The Ashes: Book Review

It's amazing how Mesu Andrews brings the bible to life through Job's story. Her imagination of the romance that could have happened between Job and Dinah brings a powerful story of redemption for Dinah who's disgrace pierced my heart leading me to feel her pain. The suspense and sense of humor that was spread throughout … Continue reading Love Amid The Ashes: Book Review

My Latest Gems

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, here is my latest book news 😉. Net Galley Haul:  1) The Noble Guardian Ahhhhh-Mazing! 👐 ❤️ Michelle Griep is quickly becoming one of my favorite regency authors with her sense of humor and beautiful way she incorporates spiritual truths. This book had me laughing and cheering … Continue reading My Latest Gems

A Rumored Fortune

I hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating Christ's resurrection today 🙂 Last week I listened to this gem by Joanna Davidson Politano, which I rate a 5 💕 . It is a great historical romance/mystery of people seeking a fortune hidden by a wealthy man who owned a vineyard. While the plot was amazing I … Continue reading A Rumored Fortune