The Bones of Amoret: Audiobook Review + Giveaway

My thoughts: This is definitely a whodunit mystery, with the author displaying a great sense of humor. I got a copy of the audiobook from the author and iReadtours, but was not required to give a good review. The narrator did an outstanding job as the elderly Doctor Noah, who tells a reporter of the … Continue reading The Bones of Amoret: Audiobook Review + Giveaway

Jennifer Q. Hunt: Author Interview & Giveaway!

I'm so excited to have Jennifer for Mental Health Awareness Month! At the end of the week, Jennifer will be giving away an e-copy of Great Waters to a commentator. Available in KU & paperback Jessy: Tell us a bit about yourself and your writing. Jennifer: Iā€™m a historical fiction author who writes about deeper … Continue reading Jennifer Q. Hunt: Author Interview & Giveaway!

Bible Study Giveaway!

Since my divine intervention last year (when a lady saw me crying in a vision), I often say, "God Sees You." It isn't a motivational cheer or empty words I offer during dark seasons. It's a promise. He sees us. God pulled me through broken pieces and proved that he saw me. I knew he … Continue reading Bible Study Giveaway!

Happy May šŸŒ»

This month is Mental Health Awareness Month. As someone who's suffered from Major Depression in the past and deals with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD or seasonal depression), I want to help bring awareness. So I'm excited to announce authors Jaime Jo Wright, Jennifer Q. Hunt, Bethany Cox, and RN Sherry Grant will be guest blogging … Continue reading Happy May šŸŒ»

Bunster, An Easter Story: Review & Giveaway!

Back cover: Join Bunster as he finds friends in unlikely places as a celebration of Easter! Enter #Giveaway for a chance to win! My thoughts: My daughters, 2 & 6, and I loved the fun illustrations. It's a delightful story that celebrates diversity in friends. The title implies it's an Easter story, but Easter isn't … Continue reading Bunster, An Easter Story: Review & Giveaway!

Lulu and the Missing Tooth Fairy: Book Review, Author Interview + Giveaway!

A cute toothy fairy story! It does hop from the child's point of view then to tooth fairy. It was a pattern of one page was a child, the next the fairy. And it took me aback at first. Mainly because I'm not used to seeing that in picture books. My six-year-old enjoyed it even … Continue reading Lulu and the Missing Tooth Fairy: Book Review, Author Interview + Giveaway!

Beyond Her Calling: Author Interview & Giveaway! It's been fun being discovering this charming series. Beyond her calling features, Ivy. With her sister Alice now married and gone, she wonders what her meaning in life is. Book 4 takes her to Scotland as she faces her anxiety disorder and goes on a quest to find her calling. I rate it a … Continue reading Beyond Her Calling: Author Interview & Giveaway!

Ivy Introspective: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

I love this series! While book one is the POV of Alice and her mother, and book two is the POV of Ivy and her grandmother. I love watching Ivy grow into her own person as she learns to express herself through music and learns to trust people.The subject and stigma of mental health are … Continue reading Ivy Introspective: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

The Dressmaker’s Secret: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

Great start to a new series! I loved that this has the point of view of the mom and the eight-year-old daughter, Alice. The young girl's curiosity was spot on, making me chuckle when she spoke her mind or smiled at her inner thoughts.Her longing to know of and about her father pulled at my … Continue reading The Dressmaker’s Secret: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

Children’s Books Giveaway!

Hi guys! I'm excited to be hosting a three-book giveaway for children! The last day to enter is February 28th, so your kids or grandbabies will receive them by spring break šŸ˜‰. The giveaway link is at the bottom. ā¤ļø Book 1: Releases February 22. Product Description: Howie has a broken Hee-Haw and it makes … Continue reading Children’s Books Giveaway!