On the Edge of Shattered: Book Review

*Giveaway!!* I don't read memoirs much, but this one caught my attention since I once dealt with alcoholism. This book didn't disappoint. You experience Kimberly's raw emotions and the itch for just one sip as your journey alongside her road to recovery. She shares the ups, downs, fears, failures, and accomplishments as she joins an … Continue reading On the Edge of Shattered: Book Review

Targeted: Book Review

The best of suspense in one book! I loved each novella written by these three authors. In On the Run, by Lynette Eason, I was out of breath as I experienced every escape Daria made as she stayed on the move. While I thought it a bit unlikely for a doctor to follow along, there … Continue reading Targeted: Book Review

The Lost Melody: Book Review

Haunting. Suspenseful. Gothic. Maybe not a psychotic suspense, but a psychotic mystery, played in minor keys that tug at your soul. She captures the definition of melancholy in the characters in words that I, who's suffered depression, could never pen. But Joanna gave voice to my pain. Saw the brokenness people suffer and gave hope … Continue reading The Lost Melody: Book Review

The Wrong Side of Murder: Audiobook Review and Giveaway!

I love this series! In a unique manner, author Laura Carr brings cold cases into her cozy mysteries. Of course, when Nikki starts poking, murder happens as people squirm at the truth unraveling before them! Nikki's adorable, "ugly," famous dog, Elmo, doesn't seem as involved in this case or novel as with the first. Of … Continue reading The Wrong Side of Murder: Audiobook Review and Giveaway!

Tom Boy: Audiobook Review/Author Interview/ Giveaway

This was an easy-paced novel written from the first point of view. I found it entertaining and interesting. While Jane tries to break a story, it's fun to get into the head of a young, reckless teen who will stop at nothing to get the job done to keep custody of her sister. Her immaturity … Continue reading Tom Boy: Audiobook Review/Author Interview/ Giveaway

Killer Deadline: Audiobook Review & Giveaway!

I loved this gem! This is the first I see elements of You've got Mail thrown into a cozy mystery! It's hip and adds to the many secrets Nikki must uncover in this small town she left behind many years ago. I love the intelligent dog she brings along too! Where can I get one … Continue reading Killer Deadline: Audiobook Review & Giveaway!

Psalm 23: Boardbook Review

A brilliant book for babies by author Danielle Hitchen ! A perfect way to teach babies Bible verses while introducing them to colors. I can't wait to check out the rest of the series. For ages 0-4, but big sisters/brothers will enjoy it too!Five stars all the way!❤️ Psalm 23: A Colors Primer (Baby Believer) … Continue reading Psalm 23: Boardbook Review

Belinda: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

My Thoughts: This novel had a great plot that kept me hooked. I didn't realize that it was book 3 in the series. I never felt lost, so it can be read as a standalone. I prefer tighter endings and thought that maybe the loose threads would be addressed in the next book. That's when … Continue reading Belinda: Audiobook Review & Giveaway

Deception: Book Review

Another outstanding novel by Patricia Bradley!  This romantic suspense starts at a fast pace, and the author doesn’t take the foot off the pedal until the last page. I loved Madison, her relationship with her grandfather, and how she got herself together through each deception uncovered. Her dad’s secrets, her look-alike identity, and what about … Continue reading Deception: Book Review