Sunday Selections

Happy Sunday! It seems like an eternity since I’ve shared posts by blogger friends. Of course I’m not as active as Once Upon A Time ;).

In May I posted about fighting Mr. Funk and I appreciate the prayers, support, and emails many of you sent. You make this community awesome πŸ’•.

That being said I found beautiful writing by other women sharing their struggles and victories through God our savior.

Mandy started blogging last month so please help me welcome her into blog world as you read her touching story. I admire her bravery for being open and her amazing ability to express herself and her faith. πŸ’•Β 

I also came across this great post that talks about self grace. It resonated with me because I despise my self when I’m in my dark hole. Amongst my conflicting emotions, Mom guilt is the worst. It pulls me down further and wants to choke the life out of me on the days I can’t get out of bed and lose interest with my surroundings. I heard an audio by Kyle Idleman called The Grace Effect. It talks about God’s grace towards us and us passing that grace towards others including ourselves. When I read this it made happy to connect with someone who was traveling a similar journey I was. πŸ’•Β

I hope these will bless you as they did me πŸ’•.

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