Between Heaven and the Real World: Audio Review

This was such a great and encouraging autobiography by Steven Curtis Chapman.


He speaks of how he grew up loving music, his conversion, entry into the music industry, the struggles & pain that inspired many of his moving songs and ultimately the death of his daughter. I borrowed this one from the library but just purchased it on my Christian audio app.

I highly recommendBetween Heaven and the Real World: My Storyand give it a 5 stard! I love the title and if you are familiar with songs you know why 😉 . Also the narrator was outstanding !

23 thoughts on “Between Heaven and the Real World: Audio Review

  1. I checked it out on my library app for free! I love ‘libby’ because it allows ebooks and audio books all you need is a library card :).


  2. This is one of my all time favorite singers in christian music. I got to see him in concert in March (for my bday) and it was a tie in with the book and he sang a lot of his hits! Such a blessing to see him!

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  3. Hopefully you will! This was actually my second time seeing him. First time was in high school for the Signs Of Life tour and I think Audio Adrenaline was his opening act

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  4. I can’t remember i know he sang songs from that record (that and heaven in the real world are my 2 favorite records) I think they filmed some stuff for the let us pray music video who’s some of your other favorite singers?

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  5. I grew up listening to Steven Curtis Chapman, Rebecca st James, Geoff Moore, and Jackie Valezquez, then stopped listening to Christian music for about 10 years. Right now Mercy Me & Lauren Daigle are my favorite. 🙂


  6. I listen to a lot of the same artists and I also love dcTalk, audio adrenaline, Michael w smith and rich Mullins 🙂

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  7. Oh I loved rich Mullins I think I had about 4 of his albums! Sadly I got rid of most of my Christian albums when I back slid :/. I’m especially regretting it now that I want to listen to Steven! I think I have one of his Christmas album but I’m going to be searching alot of songs on panoramic this week! I had the Jesus Freak album lol 😂! Now my daughter is a fan of Toby Mac and we went to go see him earlier this year. I liked Smitty but my sister was a bigger fan of his than I was. Its so funny.


  8. Have you seen the movie ragamuffin? It’s about rich’s life and it so good! Worth the watch! The Jesus Freak album is what got me hooked on christian music and I got to see dctalk on the supernatural experience tour and it was the best thing ever! I know they do a cruise thing now but I could never afford it lol. And I also like any grant too!

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  9. I need to check it out, I’m terrible when it comes to movies but I do want to see that one. My sister who likes Michael W. Smith also liked Amy Grant :). I’ve never done a cruise but jeep on wanting to book a cabin on the K-LOVE cruise someday lol.


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