Review on the Series ‘Love Is’


It is an honor to do book reviews for new author, Lila Diller! She started the contemporary Christian Romance series,  Love is based on 1 Corinthians 13. Her   Love is Not Arrogant or Rude: 1 in the “Love is” Series (Love is…Series)introduces Morgan’s saga in a fictional, college town in North Carolina.

Synopsis: Is True Love for Everyone?
That’s what Morgan wonders, an introverted secretary whose feelings for her boss Jason secretly bloom. When he shows interest in her, too, she hopes that true love has sprouted. Just as a relationship with Jason Scott blooms, her old flame Tony Brown bursts back into her life and tries to woo her away.
After spending time with both men, Morgan thinks her heart has chosen Jason, when tragedy strikes Tony’s family. She must choose to help or abandon Tony, but if she helps, she may lose Jason.
Which man shows her true love? Who will she choose?

My thoughts: This book has great Christian dating values! I would definitely recommend to readers who like Christian contemporary romance, or are in the dating stage. Guys can get good romance tips too;). Towards the end of the book there were unexpected twist and turns that made it difficult to put the book down😱.

Synopsis: Does true love suspect? Must true love forgive?
Lila Diller’s Love Does Not Envy or Boast, #2 answers these questions for Morgan. After enjoying a brief period of euphoria, tension develops.
Morgan, is jealous of her boyfriend’s new secretary, Cassie, who lashes out at him. While he on the other hand is boasting about their relationship to his co-workers, which Morgan finds distasteful. Add arguments with both her mom and sister, plus a stagnant relationship with the Lord, and Morgan is plagued by doubts and emptiness.
As they get more serious, will the suspicions and jealousy tear them apart? Will their budding love take root? Or will it wither?

My thoughts: 

Love Does Not Envy or Boast (Love is… Book 2) was my fave from the two! As these unwanted feelings begin to take place in Morgan’s heart she begins to drift from God. Then as she seeks for his guidance, she feels God is leading her to give up what is most dear to her heart. I’ve been there when I feel God is telling me to let go of something or someone dear to me. Although Morgan was more obedient than me, I felt more connected to her in this book;). Unless one has been in that situation it’s difficult to comprehend. It’s like when God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, it’s like…why? I’ve learn that if I’m being over protective of what he is asking for, than it’s probably because I am placing ‘that’ in my heart before God and He wants to be first in our lives. I’ve also found that he won’t always give us our ‘Isaac’ back because, sometimes that is the very thing that needs to be removed to be close to God. In Morgan’s case….well I guess you will just have to read to see what happens!!;)

The ebooks are on sale today, so check them out the links! Happy reading everyone!😁

6 thoughts on “Review on the Series ‘Love Is’

  1. Thanks so much for this review, Jessica! I have hoped and prayed that readers will be able to gain insight and wisdom from a light and entertaining story. I’m also grateful you felt connected with Morgan! That is the highest praise an author can receive! I knew the Lord wanted me to tell this story. I hope it continues to connect with you and other readers. Thanks again!

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