Psalm 23: Boardbook Review

A brilliant book for babies by author Danielle Hitchen ! A perfect way to teach babies Bible verses while introducing them to colors. I can't wait to check out the rest of the series. For ages 0-4, but big sisters/brothers will enjoy it too!Five stars all the way!❤️ Psalm 23: A Colors Primer (Baby Believer) … Continue reading Psalm 23: Boardbook Review

Come Back to Me: Book Review

This novel ripped the boundaries of my imagination! I don't read many time travel books, but Jody Hedlund always captures me with her beautiful writing, so I gave it a go. She didn't disappoint! I lost myself in Marian's world and delima of which world she belonged to. Totally heartfelt. I'm devastated that the mystery … Continue reading Come Back to Me: Book Review

Live Like There’s No Yesterday: Book Review

It's such an encouraging book that helped me reflect. There are areas in my life that I thought I had moved on, which I had, but not in a healthy way that God intended. If you are dealing with guilt, regret, or feeling stuck, this book will motivate you to move forward and live with … Continue reading Live Like There’s No Yesterday: Book Review

Another Heart Winning Novel by Julie Klassen

Laura captures my heart! As she tries to solve the mystery at hand I feel for her as I too have felt like a castaway. It's adventurous, mysterious, romantic, and the waves pulled me into the depth of my soul searching for a place of belonging. The satisfying ending left me smiling and pondering for … Continue reading Another Heart Winning Novel by Julie Klassen

Hallowed Ground

Another great suspense by Mary Alford! This novel had more romance than others I have read by her, but the intensity of running from the bad guys is the same if not greater. In this gem, Cia agents Erin and Jax find themselves hiding in Afghanistan as well as fleeing from multiple attacks. Uncertain of … Continue reading Hallowed Ground

The Girl Behind The Red Rope

This is my first Ted Dekker book. I know, Gasp! Speculative is not my genre, but it caught my eye for three reasons. 1st. The title tasted good on my lips. I believed  I repeated it several times and savored it 😆. 2nd.  The book cover is Amazing! I don't usually comment on covers but look … Continue reading The Girl Behind The Red Rope

NetGalley Haul

Happy Friday, I hope everyone enters the weekend in high spirits. Storm Rising starts with suspense, but then the multiple characters confused me, especially because some had more than one name or nickname. Once I got them all straight, I enjoyed it more. There's no doubt this is one of the most suspenseful plots I've … Continue reading NetGalley Haul

Take Back Your Time

If anybody needed a time management book, it was me. I mean, check out this gem of a resource! Morgan not only talks about the stress caused by not having enough free time but also the overwhelmedness when we have too much time on our hands. Two topics that she touches are how quality and … Continue reading Take Back Your Time