Targeted: Book Review

The best of suspense in one book! I loved each novella written by these three authors.

In On the Run, by Lynette Eason, I was out of breath as I experienced every escape Daria made as she stayed on the move. While I thought it a bit unlikely for a doctor to follow along, there was no time time to stop and ponder it in this fast paced book. It was romantic and it worked. Lynette is one of my favorite suspense authors. I read all I can by her.
I loved everything about Deadly Objective, by Lynn H. Blackburn. Therapist is Emily working with Vice President of U.S. son when their place gets targeted. This was also an on the run story which I love due to quick pace. It doesn’t hurt to have a handsome Secret Service Agent around to protect Emily. Err, the Vice President’s son. This was my first read by Lynn H. Blackburn and it won’t be my last.
In Caught in the Crosshairs, by Natalie Walters, Cia Claudia tries to uncover Saudi’s prince murder while being a suspect herself. Not easy to investigate while being under the scrutiny of PSYOPS officer. Author Natalie’s humor was just the cherry to top off or end this perfect collection blend.
5 stars all the way!!


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