Keep Hoping

*For the wife who aches for her husband to come to God, stand beside her in church, and be the spiritual leader at home: Don’t stop believing. It took me 6 years of prayers and buckets of tears before my husband joined me. Before I felt I could buy him a Bible and not be rejected or mocked. To see him get emotional when I gave it to him this Saturday caused a warm and indescribable joy in me. There’s not a victory without a battle, and these last three weeks, our family underwent intense trials, but God brought good out of it. We still got a long journey in front of us, but this is huge.

*For the mom or dad longing for their son or daughter to come to God: Don’t give up hope. It took 8 years of prayers and supplications before my parents saw their backslidden daughter (me) surrender her broken self to the One she regretfully turned her back on.  Don’t give up on your loved ones. Don’t give up on yourself. Most importantly, don’t give up on God. His timeline usually doesn’t match ours. May Hope keep you going, and prayers keep you strong. ❤️


4 thoughts on “Keep Hoping

  1. Thank you for that. We have two sons who are away from the Lord. One is 50, the other 31. Our eldest and youngest. One has voluntarily disappeared, the youngest is not communicating with us although he talks to our daughter and #2 son. They were all baptized and raised in a Christian home. My husband is a retired pastor. I know it is all up to God, I feel like my hands are tied. Thanks so much.

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  2. Sending prayers for both your sons! I’m proof of what the power of a praying mom can do ❤️. I was lost to addictions and probably should have been 6ft under, but God heard my parents prayers and He was faithful too them. ❤️

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  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful messages of hope Jessy. And 3 cheers for praying mothers. Hip hip, hooray! (x3) 😃 And praise God for the answer to your prayer and for your husband’s addition to His sheep fold.

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