Doctoroo & the Case of the Red-Hot Hawaiians: Book Review/Author Interview/ Giveaway

My Thoughts: Beautiful Illustrations that bring the characters to life with vibrant colors!

It was fun flying to Hawaii with Doctoroo and trying to solve the mystery of the red-itching skin the pig dancers encounter. Was it something in the volcanos? Or perhaps poison ivy? You must hike and look at plants to find out. Some of the vocabulary was a bit advanced for my 6year old, but she still enjoyed it. I rate it 4 stars.

Disclaimer: This book was given to me by ireadtours and author, but I was not required to provide a good review.

Book Description:

Doctoroo (also known as Dr. Marsha Roo) and her team―Kirby Koala, Louie Llama, and Terence Toad― may live in Australia, but they travel all over the world solving medical mysteries. In Doctoroo & the Case of the Red-Hot Hawaiians, they fly to The Big Island of Hawaii, where red, hot and very itchy hula dancers are in danger of missing their Big Dance Festival. Will they have to skip the Festival, or will Doctoroo help them in time?

Author Questions:

1. How do you do research for your books? (Health issues, animals, locations, etc.)

I try to combine creativity in developing the story with cited sources for the medical information. I use Google Scholar, personal experience in my medical practice, things I learned in my own education. I also look up articles on the geography and cultural aspects of the locations I use in my stories. Sometimes my editor or project manager will also suggest animal characters or story twists.

2. What inspired you to create the Doctoroo series?

When I was in medical school, I did a rotation in Pediatrics. It was always a challenge to find a way to talk to these very young patients about medical topics. I love kids and began to dream up stories to teach them about their own conditions and how to stay healthy. Those stories became the Doctoroo series.

3.There are lots of children’s books out there that talk about health. What makes yours different?

I’ve added the travel and mystery components, which I like to think is unique. I add fun facts about the location and culture in the books, plus the what the fun sidekicks and special character of Doctoroo add. I also make sure that Louie, Terence and Kirby ask Doctoroo the questions a child might ask the parent.

4. If you could put yourself in your book, what animal would you be?

Doctoroo is me! Actually, all of the characters – Terence, Kirby and Louie are different parts of my personality.

5.What is your next project?

The next book is about bullies. The working title is Doctoroo and the Case of the Mean Monkeys. The story takes Doctoroo and her friends to the Rock of Gibraltar, where aggressive monkeys are a big problem. I visited there several years ago and a monkey stole my sunglasses!

Meet the Author:

Dr. Rachel Wellner MD, MPH, FACS, BACS, is a novelist, comedian, and breast cancer doctor dedicated to making the world a better place for her readers, audience, and patients.

Connect with the Author: Website   Facebook Goodreads


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11 thoughts on “Doctoroo & the Case of the Red-Hot Hawaiians: Book Review/Author Interview/ Giveaway

  1. Thank you for sharing the author’s interview and book details, this sounds like a wonderful book and series to share with my grandchildren

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