Bible Study Giveaway!

Since my divine intervention last year (when a lady saw me crying in a vision), I often say, “God Sees You.” It isn’t a motivational cheer or empty words I offer during dark seasons. It’s a promise. He sees us. God pulled me through broken pieces and proved that he saw me. I knew he did. At least my mind knew it. But now my heart knows it also. He sees us and our pain.

A few days ago, I got an email offering a giveaway package that includes:

Bible study book: Hagar Rediscovering the God that Sees Me, free videos, and Monday zoom meetings with the author and other registrants.

Essentially it’s an online Bible study/community that starts on May 16th. The timing was perfect for me, and I paid for my registration because I didn’t want to miss out. If you are going through a dry season and would love to join me in this Bible Study, click below to register or enter a chance to win! Author Shadia is giving away 5 registration packages!

Blessings on your journey as you seek the One who sees you—the One who longs to fill your soul and make you whole.

-Jessy A

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