Remember When . . .

Today marks a year that God rescued me from suicide. It’s never an easy topic, and I struggled with guilt in the months that followed. But I think of all the times God told Israelites to Remember when . . . He doesn’t want us to forget where he pulled us out from.

I know many of you read my testimony last year, so I won’t rewrite it, but to give God the glory, I made a video. During 2022 winter blues, this memory kept me going. God is good.

Also, next month is Mental Awareness, and I want to give out a message of hope. If anyone struggles with depression and wants to collaborate with me as a blog guest, let me know. It doesn’t have to be spiritual, even though this is a faith-based blog, and I’d love to hear how God has helped you, but if you just want to offer tips or let people know they are not alone, email me! I hope to get at least four people so that I can feature at least one person weekly.

Here’s my testimony in the video. I forgot to mention in the video that the lady didn’t know my name when she saw the vision of me, but God put her name on my lips.


23 thoughts on “Remember When . . .

  1. I love the many wonderous ways God works in our lives, regardless how dark our night may be. May God continue to use your testimony to reach countless others who go through situations like this. We are never alone, His love transcends it all!


  2. Hi Jessica, I wasn’t aware of what happened a year ago so this is all new to me. I watched the whole video. First off, thank you for sharing this and you definitely did glorify God. My wife of 50+ years now has dementia and some days are really hard, for both of us. And your sharing of how God reached out to you, reminded me of a couple of times when He has done likewise for me, but those instances are many years ago now. But only God could orchestrate what He did, to let you know how much He loves you and cares for you. I needed to be reminded of that and that is what your video did. Mind boggling, isn’t it, simply mind boggling. Thank you so much for sharing. May God continue to bless you and yours Jessy. Love in Christ – Bruce

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  3. Bruce, I’m so sorry to hear your has dementia! I’ll be praying you feel God near you in this difficult times. He sees you and sees her ❤️. You may share away. God is so good and to Him be the glory!


  4. Hi Jessica, I come to your blog today courtesy of Bruce. I have been deeply moved and blessed in your testimony, thank you for your beautiful faithfulness to the call of God in your life. May He use your testimony far and wide to touch many hurting souls today. God bless and guide your steps dear sister, Amen. 🙏

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  5. Hi Jessy,

    Thanks for this!

    Way off in the distance here, seeing your writings now and then but never meeting the real Jessy, the idea of discouragement seems unreal. Yet, I am so very glad you lifted your chin and listened to the Lord (He still says “Choose life.”)

    I pray the Lord continues to bless you heaps and heaps.


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  6. Thankyou Jessy for sharing your story. What a great testimony, not only of God knowing your pain but also having someone else experience your pain and following through where God lead her in prayer. It makes me more aware even more so to be in tune with those we do meet and be sensitive to God for their pain (even the little pains of life).

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  7. Indeed, my sister, His love transcends. Father, thank you, for loving us. In our time of need, your love is close, your heart our hiding place. I pray for Jessy, and your family. May your peace, and strength be their portion. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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