Lulu and the Missing Tooth Fairy: Book Review, Author Interview + Giveaway!

A cute toothy fairy story!

It does hop from the child’s point of view and then to the tooth fairy. It was a pattern of one page was a child, the next the fairy. And it took me aback at first. Mainly because I’m not used to seeing that in picture books. My six-year-old enjoyed it even though I had to explain a few stuff like GPS (because gasp! I hardly use it) and explain how there are places that have the same name like Paris, Texas, and Paris, France that way, she could understand the humor in the book that parents would enjoy. I love how it brings out how other countries have different versions of a tooth fairy, making the child aware of cultural diversity. Also, I don’t know if I’m a horrible parent or if it’s normal to forget to put something under the pillow. My 6-year-old hasn’t lost a tooth, but she’s witnessed me forget my oldest daughter twice. The first time she didn’t tell me because it happened at night while I was working, and she didn’t tell my husband either because he was busy with the baby. The second time it happened in the morning and by night time I’d forgotten!! So, I commented, “maybe the tooth fairy got lost those times with Robin.” Which will take the pressure or guilt off of me if the tooth fairy comes late to my 6-year-old one day. Can anyone relate, or am I that horrible?!!

All in all cute story with great illustrations that we both had fun reading. I rate it a four-star only because I had to explain a lot. But maybe if my daughter was eight and I didn’t have to explain, I would have rated it a five star.

This was a complimentary book, and all thoughts are my own.

S.E. Richey’s Author Interview:

How long have you been writing? 

I started writing seriously in 2014, after another writer friend told me about SCBWI. I attended my region’s annual conference, and that’s when I knew I wanted to publish. It’s also when I figured out that I had lots to learn about the craft of writing and about the children’s book industry.

Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

Everywhere! Anything can inspire a story. Most times, it’s something I’ve experienced in life. My personal failings inspire me the most. For example, Trixie in Lulu and the Missing Tooth Fairy and I have a lot in common. An article in the news, something one of my kids or students have said, even chocolate itself has inspired stories in me. And when that happens, I use whatever I can find to write it down. One time, all I could find was a sugar packet, so I used that. Napkins are also good, but now I’m wiser and keep a small notebook in my purse at all times.

Do you snack while writing? Favorite snack?

Oh. Yes, I do! Skinny Pop is my favorite, but dry Chex cereal is also great, especially dry Chocolate Chex cereal! 

Do you write every day? 

Noooo! I’m a mom first, writer second. Life likes to throw curveballs to every human being, and when you’re raising children, life throws you your own curveballs and your kids’ curveballs, too. It feels like I’m always juggling, and since I don’t even know how to juggle, I drop a lot of balls. The beauty of it is that I’ve become more flexible and a little bit kinder with myself as time goes by. I write whenever I can. Sometimes it’s every day. Sometimes not at all. And it’s OK. 

There are many books out there about tooth fairies. What makes yours different?

Oh, man! It’s so true. Why would anyone want to write another tooth fairy story? The thing is… my book won’t be the last either! And that is because losing milk teeth is a rite of passage. Every child will experience it, so it’s most definitely a perennial subject. What makes my story different is that I introduce the reader to other tooth collectors and traditions of the world. My hope is that my story will widen their horizons and, at the same time, will entertain them.

Do you have any new projects coming up? 

I do! My second picture book, TROUBLE WITH TRUFFLES about a hog and his mom, both who don’t like to share, will be releasing at the end of 2022, and I’m in love with it. These piggies are so naughty, it was a lot of fun to write and even more fun to see Jhon Ortiz bring them to life.


Product Description:

This humorous yet heartwarming tale encourages us to never stop believing and that everything is possible with a little will power. Learn a thing or two about tooth traditions and tooth collectors of the world!

Lulu cannot wait for a visit from the Tooth Fairy and get a pony with her Tooth Fairy money. And Trixie cannot wait to finally become an official Tooth Fairy. Everything would be perfect, if only Trixie would show up! Will Lulu get her pony? Will Trixie ever become an official Tooth Fairy? 

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