Girl with a Gun: Audiobook Review & Giveawy

It’s an honor to review the first novel in Kari Bovée’s Annie Oakley mystery series.

Yes, mystery series. The author fictionalized Annie as an amateur detective putting her in murder scenes she never faced in real life. While full of facts, Kari mention’s in her author’s notes that she messes with the timeline to fit the stories.

If you like historical novels, cozy mysteries, or wild west stories, I think you will like them.

I was lassoed and tied to the story as Annie found her assistant dead. The plot thickens as she digs deeper for facts. She seems to be the target and faces many incidents along with her beloved horse.

I’d rate this fast read a four out of five stars. My biggest reason for not giving it a five is that I’m a stickler for timelines. But I appreciate the author being upfront about it at the start of the book, and the storyline was a lot of fun. Also, the narration was excellent, leaving me feeling like I was amidst the characters.

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