Happy New Year

One thing I learned in 2021 is that in moments of brokenness when desperateness cloaks us, we can experience God’s power, grace, and love in a way we’d never have witnessed had we not walked through that dark valley.
We’re not alone. We don’t have to be self-reliant. God is with us, Emanuel. We just need to cry out to Him.
He wants that bond with us. That’s why he came to earth, to reconcile that relationship that was broken in the garden of Eden. That which humanity shattered. But God makes it whole again if we allow Him.
My prayer as we finish this year and enter the next is that we ‘let go and let God.’
Let God part the waters for you and lead you into places you never dreamt of going. That you’ll experience his presence so intensely, all you can do is surrender to His bottomless love. That you witness His deep mercy and glory that stretches beyond boundaries. He sees you and all the trials you go through. He feels your pain. He’s our God and our Savior.
And if you ever need a friend, I’m here. Never hesitate to reach out ❤️

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