Holiday Hug

Hi guys! Just popping in to check on everyone in WordPress.

In the US we celebrated Thanksgiving Day on Thursday.

Our family is still social distancing and I worked the night before so we had something small and quiet. I didn’t take any family pictures but I did enjoy watching my daughters play and put up the Christmas 🎄 with my husband.

It’s been a rough year, but I have these little moments where I reflect. Moments, when I think I could have missed out on my children’s excitement and laughter, had I acted upon my depression in April. Maybe they wouldn’t be having ‘happy’ holidays had I lost the battle with my demons. It makes me teary eye and extra grateful for God’s love. I’m unworthy of it all ❤️.

I say this because holidays can be challenging for some, especially if you’re missing a loved one. But hold on. Life is worth fighting for. You are not alone though you may be lonely. God sees you. And there is always someone else who would be affected if you left this earth. Darkness can’t last forever. Dawn will come offering hope with its rising light. Grasp for it. When morning arrives, you will feel God’s grace shine upon you when He embraces you is in His perfect love.

Sending everyone a virtual hug. Hope all is well.


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