A Letter to my Oldest Daughter

When you were a baby, I told Daddy that if you ever went to an out-of-state university that I would follow you wherever you went. As much as I want to keep my word, I know it’s fanciful. 🤷‍♀️

My little Robin will one day spread her wings and leave my nest. I don’t like to think about it because, isn’t it an eternity away? Yet, now that you’re starting middle school, the clock is ticking louder in my ear.

At Church, when they gave the 6th grade parents a jar with 84 beads, representing the time you have left with us before you graduate high school and are ready to leave for college,

I thought they miscounted. It doesn’t look like many beads are in the jar. When you were asleep, I took them out and counted them. They had miscounted. To my horror, they had put 88 versus 84! So there was actually more to what I thought was too little!

I know you saw me get teary-eyed when they gave me the jar saying not to ignore the upcoming changes in your life but for us to embrace it together and lean into God. You will be starting a new journey. Scary for you and me.

I ask God to help me be a better steward of my time and guide you through His path. Whether you’re with us 84 months or 500 months more, I hope to be the example you need to be a woman of faith. The day you leave our nest, I pray that the Holy Spirt will be the wind beneath your wings that sustains you. That you’ll soar as high as an eagle 🦅 and not grow weary because He is with you. That you’ll have the faith that moves mountains knowing nothing is impossible for God.

I’m far from the perfect mom, but I do keep trying despite my shortcomings and failures. You know that I love you. Aside from His Holy Spirit, you and your sisters are the best gifts God has ever given me. I love you so much. May you continue to be the caring person you are and the best big sister anyone could want. May God’s light continue to shine through you today, in middle school, and wherever you go.

Love, Mom

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