Perfect Findings

A few days ago I wrote about depression and hoping for better days. The following day I found an old note book heading for the trash but I quickly scanned it to make sure there was nothing of value written in it. I found this on the back cover.

Perfect timing when getting out of bed takes courage and I’m blogging about faith, hope, and His strength to get through.

I’m feeling better despite a dark cloud looming near by, but this made me smile. I’m 99% sure I didn’t write this scripture during a blue moment. In fact I think I wrote it when I was stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. Maybe nervous but not depressed. Years later I find it and His live word fed me again yet in a different manner. He meets us each in our individual needs and it’s funny how a verse brings encouragement in diverse seasons and situations.

Have courage my friends. Better days ahead.

7 thoughts on “Perfect Findings

  1. Hi Jessy,

    Your finding this note to yourself from a high point reminds me of advise I heard from an explorer. “Take your bearings from the mountain peaks and stick to them in the valley.”

    Blessings on you!


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  2. Thanks for sharing Vincent, I don’t wish it on anyone, yet it feels good to know I’m not alone in fighting this battle. Prayers and blessings your way as God covers you in His strength ❤️


  3. I find the best cure for depression is to spend quiet time with my Heavenly Beloved in nature. The love we share takes away all depression, worry, anger, fear or any other negative emotions.

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