Love Amid The Ashes: Book Review

It’s amazing how Mesu Andrews brings the bible to life through Job’s story. Her imagination of the romance that could have happened between Job and Dinah brings a powerful story of redemption for Dinah who’s disgrace pierced my heart leading me to feel her pain. The suspense and sense of humor that was spread throughout the book make this a page-turner. One of the things I loved was the tender love between Dinah and her younger brother Joseph. Probably the only thing that made this a four-star versus five-star was the hostility between Esau and Jacob. While the author made their arguments humorous, I always pictured them having a better relationship after their reconciliation when Esau wept upon his neck. Life isn’t perfect and I’m sure they had disagreements but she paints it as if Esau still held a grudge. It added humor but it tinted the image of one of my favorite Bible stories. But this is speculation on her part as well as mine. But it was very intriguing and I can’t wait to read/listen to the rest of this series!

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