All That We Carried: Book Review

Omg! I can’t imagine a better novel to kick of the year. I couldn’t put it down! Such a great sister book that had me laughing, crying and soul searching. Who would go hiking/camping for many days without an experienced guide? Two total opposite sisters who’ve held resentment against each other for many years. Their banter and frustrations come afloat every time they face a mishap making me laugh and cringe. The author does an amazing job with the POV it was hard to root for one and not the other. In the end, I think I just wanted them both to come out alive. ❤️ I love the tender childhood flashbacks that popped up with small triggers, proving that loving memories could chip away at anger. The incredible plot twists, humor, and the unexpected ending had me hooked. It may be the only fiction book that I’ve ever read several portions to my husband who laughed along with me and asked questions (he’s not a reader). We have so many inside jokes from this book lol. It definitely set a high bar for the rest of my reading this year. 5 out of 5 stars all the way!!! Neither of the characters are of Christian faith and it was refreshing to read a clean non-preachy story where two characters are just trying to find meaning to their life and at the end are left to acknowledge that just maybe there is a Higher power out there. It’s a must!

Product Description:

Ten years ago, sisters Olivia and Melanie Greene were on a backcountry hiking trip when their parents were in a fatal car accident. Over the years, they grew apart, each coping with the loss in her own way. Olivia plunged herself into law school, work, and a materialist view of the world–what you see is what you get, and that’s all you get. Melanie dropped out of college and developed an online life-coaching business around her cafeteria-style spirituality–a little of this, a little of that, whatever makes you happy.

Now, at Melanie’s insistence (and against Olivia’s better judgment), they are embarking on a hike in the Porcupine Mountains of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In this remote wilderness they’ll face their deepest fears, question their most dearly held beliefs, and begin to see that perhaps the best way to move forward is the one way they had never considered.

Michigan Notable Book Award winner Erin Bartels draws from personal experience hiking backcountry trails with her sister to bring you a story about the complexities of grief, faith, and sisterhood.

4 thoughts on “All That We Carried: Book Review

  1. Yes! I definitely recommend it. It took me a moment to swallow the ending only because I like tight endings and this one left me reeling like what?! But after a moment’s thought, I believe it made it more realistic without taking out the glimpse of hope. I could rate the ending a 4 but I feel it was the author’s intention to leave it as is to have us reflect and come up with our own conclusion. I know I’m being vague but I don’t want to give any spoiler alert. When I rated this on Amazon, I read the few 2 and 3-star reviews this book had and their common dislike was the end. Which I get because it took me time to process it. But it really was such a great journey in real life we don’t get fairy tale endings. So beware if you read it. But this is one book I’d recommend to ALL my friends believers or not. It is that good!

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