Last weekend one of my aunts, Mom’s sister, passed away. The burial is often the hardest part and my mom fell apart in her sorrow for a while.

Later that day when I was leaving my parents’ house she walked me out and exclaimed, “Look at this flower! I’ve been waiting for it to bloom for 6 years! I had even forgotten about it!” How astonishing that on such a trying day this would happen to her. And in reality, I’ve heard and read stories where someone is grieving and a flower or rose blooms. I told her “I think God is trying to comfort you.”

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.
John 14:18

She later called one of her other sisters and mention the red flower. To which my aunt replied, “That’s funny because a red flower bloomed in my plants today too. I noticed it because it’s a spring flower and shouldn’t have come out.”

Coincidence? I don’t think so. As I went to bed I thought about how nice it is to think that when our loved ones pass on they can make flowers bloom. But I guess it’s greater to know that God sees when you are hurting and can single you out in this messy world, with a bud of hope.

19 thoughts on “Hope

  1. You of all people know the pain of losing an older sibling with your recent loss. My mom looked up to her sister even until this day. ❤️ It’s good to know we are not alone in our pain that God is with us.


  2. When the time withers, in the midst hope never fades. Every day bring a new bloom, after the rain has fallen. The sun shines, but it’s God’s love that gives the day warmth; so every bud of hope, can truly flourish! Condolences, God bless!

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  3. Jessy, I am saddened to hear about your family’s loss. Thank you for sharing the encouragi v reminder that God finds ways — big and small — to comfort us during our seasons of loss.

    I will pray for you now. 🙏🏾 Take care.

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