Never Say Never

Two things I said I’d never do and did last week.

  1. Hamburger helper for a family meal. (When Robert couldn’t find fideo he grabbed what he thought was close enough.)
  2. Home school my kids.🤦‍♀️
    Anyone else doing stuff they said they’d never do?

10 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. First send congratulations for that excellent example of number writing! Then I would say I have never before been scared to go to a restaurant for dinner or to a grocery for food.

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  2. For sure! We’ve gone to a couple of drive trus, but one of the places the workers barely had room. How can they practice 6ft distancing? And when my husband goes for groceries, I want to mask him up and put him in an astronaut suit! 😉
    Thanks for answering. Here’s praying this virus ends soon! ❤️


  3. 21 meals a week for 4. I am torn because on one hand, I want to keep my trips to the store brief and infrequent, on the other hand, that is a lot of food that needs to be purchased and prepared (and I can do things with beans like nobody else!!)

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  4. Oh, I totally agree. I just made the biggest pot of black bean soup. The cans are way too soft, and they are packed in a fluid that is hard to rinse off. That being said, I have a can of everything on the shelf for quick adds,

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