Update: I’m home! Thank you all for your prayers. I’ll be on bedrest until the doctor thinks baby Veronica can handle my hustling 😉.
I appreciate every prayer and everyone that reached out to us, during this time. God is good!!

My family is expecting baby Veronica in June ❤️.

Veronica Jessy Alvarado

I’d like to believe she’s as eager to meet us, and that’s why I lay here praying the cramps will go away.
It’s too soon, my princess. God’s not done weaving you yet. Please wait awhile longer, my sweet pea ❤️.
In a few more hours, I will have surgery to prevent further dilation, and your prayers are appreciated as this procedure could risk her young life.
I pray that God will guide the doctor’s hands and drown me in His peace that surpasses all understanding. I trust in His will and love ❤️.
I’m grateful for His blessings and the people who have been supporting and praying for us during this challenging time.
Here’s hoping more prayers reach the Almighty’s throne.

48 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. Oh Jessica! I’m so glad I was up when your email came in.

    Lord, you see this little one much better than we do. I don’t know why she’s having problems or just what they plan to do about it, but please put your big hand down here and hold her. Protect her from harm.

    In Jesus’ name, so be it.

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  2. Father, I pray for a wonderful, healthy pregnancy. I know Your love watches over Your children, and their offspring. Jessy and baby Veronica, you are blessed, and highly favored. In Jesus’ name, Amen! CONGRATULATIONS! I will add you to my weekly prayer list!

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  3. I’m doing well. I can’t stand up straight and I’m walking like a 🐌. But i haven’t had to take any pain medicine and for that I’m grateful. Now I’m just trying to stay sane while on bed rest 😆

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