Hallowed Ground

Another great suspense by Mary Alford!


This novel had more romance than others I have read by her, but the intensity of running from the bad guys is the same if not greater. In this gem, Cia agents Erin and Jax find themselves hiding in Afghanistan as well as fleeing from multiple attacks. Uncertain of the source of the attacks, they are forced to trust no one, not even their people. Full of twists and turns to the very end, I give it 5  stars.


Who can you trust when the enemy is all around?

CIA Agent Erin Sandoval is determined to find the terrorist who killed her partner. On the hunt behind enemy lines, Erin’s entire unit is attacked and killed, leaving Erin and Agent Jax Murphy on the run and trying to stay alive long enough to find the killer’s true identity.

Cutting through the wealth of lies surrounding the mission proves nearly impossible. The biggest threat to their survival might just be their growing feelings for each other.

USA Today Bestselling author Mary Alford returns with a new Christian Romantic Suspense series that will take you from the hallowed halls of Langley to the rugged and desolate mountains of Afghanistan in a tale to keep you guessing until the very end.

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