The Girl Behind The Red Rope

This is my first Ted Dekker book. I know, Gasp! Speculative is not my genre, but it caught my eye for three reasons.

1st. The title tasted good on my lips. I believed  I repeated it several times and savored it 😆.

2nd.  The book cover is Amazing! I don’t usually comment on covers but look at this baby. It’s a 5-star cover! And the red rope across the glossy cover feels ropy. Its 3D or something and my photo ain’t doing it justice.


3rd. Ted wrote it with his daughter Rachelle Dekker. Who doesn’t want to read a father/daughter work?


Here’s the description:



My thoughts: It was good…in a creepy way. It has to do with a cult, and this theme always makes me cringe when it comes to marriages and punishments. There were a few parts of the story where I  wondered ‘why am I reading this?’ It was so engaging though, I couldn’t quit, and I wanted to find out the end. Many of the members see visions or Angels and Grace tries to find out the truth while trying to figure out who is disguising themselves as an Angel of light. There is a gruesome execution near the end that made want to stop but I couldn’t. I had gotten past other hard to swallow stuff, so why quit then. I pressed on. I think it made the release of bondage at the end more sweeter, knowing everything Grace had endured. I must say that the fantastic way Ted and Rachelle describe darkness, light and, fear was mind-blowing. Only creative minds could bring life to these words.  It has profound spiritual truth wrapped in eerie suspense and laced with humor throughout. I found myself chuckling often.

Throughout the book, my rating would bounce back and forth between 4 & 5 stars.  Perhaps I’ll let you be the judge. If you’ve read this novel or any by these authors, let me know what you think.

This novel was given to me by the publisher, but I was not required to provide a good review. This post reflects my honest opinions.

11 thoughts on “The Girl Behind The Red Rope

  1. Haha, I gave up reading Ted Dekker a while back for the reasons you mentioned, but his stories are always engaging. Your review makes me want to give him another chance, just to see what influence his daughter ight have on the story.

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  2. 😆 It is rich and bizarre, on the verge of gruesome but good. I’d been avoiding his books, but this one drew me in. Let me know if you dared to cross the red rope and give it a try 😉.


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