August Whirl Wind

 Hello, I didn’t mean to disappear for so long!

August flew by faster than all the summer months combined! Thank God he pulled me through. I kept telling myself eat the elephant one bite at a time: so many projects and deadlines.

The first was August 3rd, my sister had a gig, and I was her last-minute drummer player. I’m the worst she could have gotten, but it was fun lol.

I believe we only practice four times! Here is a clip from her facebook page. She writes mostly Spanish music but has a few English songs.

The day after her concert, I was off to my yearly vacation. I made the most of it by focusing on my family.

After our short trip to the beach, the back to school shopping commenced.

Then back to the grind.

Work-wise, other than on my vacation, I showed up for my 40-hour shifts. But I also had 36 CE due on August 24th. They give us three years to complete this, and of course, I didn’t start to, GASP, mid-July. On my way back from vacay, I realized I still had 27 CE to go. Most classes only count for one point. So yes I had to hustle. I completed with three days to spare.

Novel wise, I’m part of an online critique group. There are six of us. I try to submit at least five pages weekly, and in return, I read their work. This keeps me pretty busy. I attend my bi-weekly local library critique group, and I usually share what I submit to the online group. Oh, I entered a contest with two days until the deadline. I’m also part of a chapter group that meets once a month, and we took this fun shot.


Writing has become a big part of me alongside my amazing partners. I missed my online and physical book clubs this month and will probably skip them in September again so I can be ready for my writer’s conference in Sep26th!

Here’s to another busy month. Hopefully, I can catch up next month y’all :).

What have you guys been up to?



14 thoughts on “August Whirl Wind

  1. Tama’s!!!!!! My favorite drums😊

    It’s awesome that y’all play together! I’m a band of 1 lol!

    I’ve missed hearing from you! Glad to see you and your busy but blessed. 🙂

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