Kindle Reviews from July

Happy Wednesday!

I’m not much of an e-book person. I use my Kindle more for audio books to save phone battery.  But this month I actually read two books from there ☺.

The first, God in the ICU, was chosen for my church book club.


It is raw and real. I loved that he tells how he came to believe in prayer. It’s filled with stories of miracles and death of believers and non-believers. It’s realistic. I cried when a person survived or died. I loved it. I give it 4 1/2 stars. 

This other one was given to me for review by author.


It. Is. Different. It had me laughing out loud BUT,  I must say that a very conservative person may not enjoy it. The author promotes it as christian fiction. I believe the opinions will vary. It’s unlike any I’ve read, although it is about church goers. 

It’s a story of three unperfect friends, one ex-church secretary who wins the lotto, her sister-in-law/best friend, and another friend in their inner circle that is married to a pastor. As money tests their values, friendship, they each learn the importance of being humble and staying true to their faith.

My biggest surprise was that there were a few curse words. In defense of one the characters, every time that phrase slipped out, she would pray for God to help her stop saying it. I may have found that funny because that was my biggest struggle when I started going to church. I didn’t realize how foul my language was until I actually tried to change it, LOL. Only God was able to transform me.

As I described this debating tale to a co-worker, she said it sounded like the TV series GCB. I’ve never watched it because I don’t watch much TV. But if you have, maybe you have a better idea of what this book is akin to. I rate this 4  🌟.  

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