My Latest Gems

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, here is my latest book news πŸ˜‰.

Net Galley Haul:Β 

1) The Noble Guardian Ahhhhh-Mazing! πŸ‘ ❀️


Michelle Griep is quickly becoming one of my favorite regency authors with her sense of humor and beautiful way she incorporates spiritual truths. This book had me laughing and cheering the protagonist all the way.Β  This definitely won’t disappoint you. I give it:Β 5X πŸ’•

2) Living Lies


Great suspense novel from debut Natalie Walters, who touches the delicate subject of depression and PTSD. I enjoyed the mystey plot a tad more than the romance but over all, I give it 4x πŸ’•.

Library Audio Books:Β 

1) Not By Sight


Kate Breslin is the best WWI author in my eyes. This wasn’t as intense like other of her spy books, I was actually cracking up getting raised eyebrows from my co-workers, but definitely 5x πŸ’•. If you like historical romance or WWI era, THIS. IS. IT. πŸ‘ πŸ’•!!!

2) Flights of Fancy


If you are a Jen Turano fan, this comical historical romance won’t disappoint. It’s light hearted, upbeat and will make you Chuckle through out πŸ˜‰. I give it 4x πŸ’•.

Well that’s it for now, what has everyone else been up to while I’ve been time traveling?





12 thoughts on “My Latest Gems

  1. She did! It was a very busy Mother’s Day but I think she really enjoyed it!


  2. I’m sure she did. The most important thing is to be with your loved ones.
    Mine wasn’t too busy but I love just spending time with my family and walking around our downtown :).

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  3. Awesome! My wife and mother in law went to see their mom/grandma in a home. This lady is blessed! Several times I thought she wasn’t going to make it. Praise God she’s still here!


  4. I’ve been reading “The Bishop’s Pawn” by Steve Berry (excellent), “The Atlantis Code” by Charles Brokaw (also excellent), “The Dove Chronicles” trilogy by Karen Bao (again excellent) and the “Library of the Dead” trilogy by Glenn Cooper (REALLY excellent!).


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