Happy May 💕

Goodbye April and hello May 👋 !

May this month be full of blessings for us and strength for any trails that may come our way. 💕

25 thoughts on “Happy May 💕

  1. On the back of the milk cartons. Yes. Lol. Today was lunch lady appreciation day. Many students colored us pictures. So sweet. I need a good book to read. Any recommendations? One I can’t put down. Set back in the day. I dont care for modern time setting unless it’s francine rivers. She’s awesome

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  2. Haha, milk carton jokes are the best 😂.
    Hmm 🤔 Where we Belong by Lynn Austin was pretty good and humorous. I just finished The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep, she had me laughing as well.
    If you want a more heart wrenching historical, Lori Benton’s, Many Sparrows is OMG. It will pull all your momma strings until your tears flow. An excellent mom book with mother’s day around the corner 😉.


  3. I’m glad I could help. I’m not sure why I’m not getting emails when I get comments. I just barely saw your comment 🤦🏼‍♂️. I need to look into it.


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