A Rumored Fortune

I hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating Christ’s resurrection today πŸ™‚

Last week I listened to this gem by Joanna Davidson Politano, which I rate a 5 πŸ’•Β .


It is a great historical romance/mystery of people seeking a fortune hidden by a wealthy man who owned a vineyard. While the plot was amazing I loved the research she did of vineyards and how she compared the caring for it to life’s situations as well as to our spiritual life. Not surprising she used

John 15:5Β β€œI am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit;apart from me you can do nothing.

However, in a video she shared about her research she shared that a vintner showed her the process of taking a branch from a dying plant and grafting it to a healthy trunk by ‘scoring’ which means slicing the sides of the branch and vine that are to be merge. She explained how we are all branches coming from dying plants with different backgrounds and cultures yet if we are not in Jesus we can’t yield fruit. Then she mentions we may feel pain during our ‘scoring’ but it’s OK, a Roman soldier sliced his side on the cross when he paid the ultimate price. Through his sacrifice we have the ability to be one with him :). πŸ’•

He is Risen!! May the Spirit that raised him from the dead live in us and may we bare much fruit!!Β  πŸ‘

Blessings πŸ’•

8 thoughts on “A Rumored Fortune

  1. Despite the fact that my older son had to work, we had a quiet celebration and family time when he got home. I hope you and your family enjoyed your celebration. ❀


  2. Wow! I have never heard it explained like that about Jesus being sliced for us to be grafted to him. It’s a beautiful image, I mean horrible, but yet beautiful. I’m glad we can be grafted into the living vine! Thank you for sharing this!

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  3. My pleasure πŸ’•. Author Joanna Davidson Politano writes fiction but when she did research on vineyards for her second novel, God gave her beautiful insight. If you subscribe to her blog you get the Vinyard study and how it relates to our spiritual life for free. It’s only like 3 or 4 chapters. http://jdpstories.com

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