My Library Haul :)

Happy Tuesday! Since it’s National Library Week I’ll chat about my recent borrows 😉.

My favorite was surprisingly, Once Upon A Prince.


I love Rachel Hauck but ‘royalty’ books aren’t usually my thing. However this was a great novel that had me laughing and cheering the protagonist on. I rate this 5 💕.

My second fave was another gem by Lynn Austin :).


I didn’t laugh out loud like in most of her books but it did keep me hooked to the end. And as always she adds a Spiritual twist that inspires many. I give it a 4 💕  .

The following is an author I kept hearing about by other Christian readers but had never read myself.


I’m not sure if she’s a Christian author but her novel was entertaining and clean. I give it  4 💕.

Last but not least is Lauren K. Denton.


I have no idea how she ended up on my shelf, lol 😂. Maybe a recommendation on Facebook or something 😁 . I’m not sure if she’s a Christian author but she kept it pretty clean and it was an interesting novel that I rate 4 💕.

Currently I have 8 audio books on hold at the library which I eagerly await 😉.

I love my discovery of many authors and great books through my library app 💕 . It also keeps me from breaking my bank each time there is a new release 😉.

Do you currently have library books on hold or in your possession?




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