Sunday Selections from February, March,& April

Happy Sunday! I guess it’s been a few months since I shared anyone’s post but I haven’t been as active in blog world as I’d wish. Here are a few from each month.

From February:

This first one is a great reminder about stepping out of your comfort zone to reach your goals:

The next one is my new young friend who has a love for God. Oh to be able to turn back the clock to my youth days. She is raising money for herself and brother for summer youth camp by making soap and selling. What amazing talent, and I love how she working to save. Let’s support her cause, she has great prices.

This next one is a must for a good laugh 😂. If you have children or grandchildren you will totally understand! Jeff has such a way with words, I wish I had half his talent 👐. Great storytelling 😉

From March:

Find great advice for success 🙂

From April: A Spiritual reminder from my friend John

And lastly a small joke from my friend Beverly 💕

17 thoughts on “Sunday Selections from February, March,& April

  1. Hi Jessy, Another awesome post! I changed the name of my blog to The Senior Weaver…I’m throwing myself into my weaving and it’s so healing. Mary

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