My Audiobooks this Week

Happy Saturday!!

This week I listened for the third time (or is it the fourth 🤔) to Lady Jayne Disappears, in less than a year! It is that good y’all! 💕


I’ve reviewed it in the past but for those who haven’t read my review, it is a regency romance with mystery and humor. I don’t know how to create fancy memes like some readers do, but author Joanna Davidson Politano has a magnificent way of weaving words together I want to turn her whole book into a meme! I highlighted a paragraph that always threatens to start waterworks and I want to meme with baby pictures of my daughters. This is towards the end of the book where Aurelie finds a tender letter from her deceased father.


This is on Kindle unlimited with audible (one of my favorite features with KU 😉) . The narrator is splendid!

Another yummy book I listened to was

A Bound Heart


This historical romance is beautifully written and I was blown away by how poetically Laura Frantz wrote simple sentences. The way scriptures anchored the main characters during the face of trouble was as refreshing as the sea breeze she describes in Scotland. 😉

This was my first book by her and definitely not the last! Although the narrator is fantastic, it did take me a moment to adjust to her lovely Scottish accent. 💕

Lastly I borrowed on my library app

The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness


I took the financial peace course a year ago at church and it has kept me from making foolish decisions and from getting further into debt. It made me look at insurances and mutual funds with new understanding and last year my husband & I did our will 👐 . I am in baby step two but needed a refresher and pep talk 😉.

If you are in debt, or living pay check to check, or simply need advice on insurances and retirement plans this is a great read that probably every library has! I highly recommend it because it has helped me tremendously.

I rate all these books a 5 star and are great in whatever format you fancy 😉 .

Have you listened to any good audio books lately?

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