Happy New Year πŸ’•

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great day! πŸ’•

There are many opinions on resolutions but for me it helps me look forward to new goals and minimizes my holiday blues πŸ˜‰Β .

This year I want to read/listen to the whole Bible and memorize more of His word. I remember my pastor preaching about how different our lives would be if we would give 10% of our time to devotion. 2.40 hours daily sounds like a lot of reading but I felt convicted because I read so much fiction. Since I listen to a lot of audio books I decided to listen for at least two hours to my bible gatewayΒ  app, aside from my actual morning devotional.Β I have a little note πŸ—’ to write verses to memorize a few a week.

Then for goals I want to finish at least one of the current manuscripts I am working on, and organize myself for better time management. I also want to finish step one of Dave Ramsey and start on step 2!

Last year I had posted this and happy to reflect that I did a good job at sticking to itΒ πŸ˜‰Β . http://faithandbooks.com/2018/01/06/new-years-resolution-no-dead-weight/

Anywho, I wish 2019 brings each of you many blessings and strength during the tougher times. May we find God’s guidance in every decision and learn to lean on Him more each day. Wishing you reach every goal you set your heart on β™₯. Dream big, love lots, and never stop believing!



36 thoughts on “Happy New Year πŸ’•

  1. Happy New Year Jessy!! I completely support you on the 10%! I used to try everyday to give 10% of my time to the Lord, through witnessing, praying and studying my Bible. (Unfortunately I have allowed things to take up that time) There’s power in it. And it will give you a closer walk with Him!

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  2. Happy New Year txjessy.

    I came to that conclusion a few years ago about giving God a tithe of my day. I try to spend 2.5hrs in fellowship with Him. Don’t always manage it. I also made a decision a few years ago to read through the entire Bible once per year. It sometimes takes me 13 months though. I’d recommend reading in a different version once you’ve completed a year.
    All the best with your writing project and other goals.

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