On Your Own: Book Review

This was an enjoyable book of short stories that brings pondering into the ways of life. Each chapter was a different captivating story where the characters were in some kind of predicament. Whether the character was witnessing a murder, fighting a traffic ticket, or simply reflecting on life in a bar, Author Jonathan Miller had a unique look at the situation and a hint of humor that kept me reading. I like that his main characters are from different backgrounds and ages making each story fresh. I particularly liked the Childhood stories.

I mostly read Christian fiction but when Author Jonathan Miller reached out to me I could not resist. It sounded interesting and I love the cover πŸ˜‰. So for my Christian fiction readers, I thought it was enjoyable and pretty clean for the exception ofΒ  a little swearing. The e-book is at incredible price of 99Β’!


Without further ado I present

On Your Own

Product Description:

On Your Own, Jonathan Miller’s story collection, follows the kind of people you know, but reveals the thoughts and feelings they might never tell you.

These characters – young brothers, struggling husbands and wives, aging bachelors, restless office workers – maneuver through the worlds of childhood, sports, marriage, alcohol, sex, the workplace, and longing for connection, under Miller’s honest gaze. His clean, straightforward writing does not rely on extravagant plots (though significant surprises occur); he finds a quiet richness in events that can and do happen to all of us every day.

Like the sun providing a rare glimpse down the clear water of a well, the clarity of prose in On Your Own allows us to witness people as their deeper realizations become known.

18 thoughts on “On Your Own: Book Review

  1. β€œSo for my Christian fiction readers, I thought it was enjoyable and pretty clean for the exception ofΒ  a little swearing.”

    I trust you would give your honest opinion on anything you feel worthy to post about. πŸ™‚

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  2. Lol of course! I want my blog to reflect my honest opinion 😁. As an avid reader, I read almost all genres and although about 90% is Christian fiction, about 10% is non-fiction and the other 10% is ‘mainstream’. Math is not a strong suit of mine so my percentages might be off lol πŸ˜‚. Anyhow some of my followers might read strictly Christian authors so I wanted to make it clear. :=).

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  3. I entered a contest with 3 judges one gave me a score of 9, another of 6, and the last one basically told me to keep my day job with a score of 4 lol πŸ˜‚. They liked my characters but took points off my grammar. I have since downloaded a grammar app, but have not used it yet 😁.

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  4. Hi, Jessy! Thank you again for your prayers, my friend..Im home, with no blood clots. Everyone at the hospital was wonderful to me. I’ve also moved up the medical ladder to high risk patient. I’m just grateful to God for another year. I also changed the name of the blog and instagram account. Happy New Year to and your family! 😊❀

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