Book Coincidence?

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I had an aha moment when I opened two separate packages of books I had won. DSC_1006

A memory tugged at me from Thanksgiving week when I had purchased:

The Power of a Praying® Wife


I had gone home and saw an email stating I’d won:

Miles from Where We Started: A Novel


A random thought 💭 popped in,  ‘Strange that I’d win this book on the day I purchased The Power of a Praying Wife.’ I chuckled to myself  dismissing the thought…that is until my prize came in on the same day this gem sent to me by a different author, arrived:

The Power of Love: Sermons, reflections, and wisdom to uplift and inspire


So what do these 3 books have in common, you ask?


Well, The Power Of Love is featuring the royal ceremony from this year. Did anyone see it? He spoke about love and unity.

While, The Power of a Praying Wife is pretty self-explanatory, Miles From Where We Started is a fictional story about a couple who are struggling to keep their marriage together and learn to lean on God to pull them through. I’ve heard great reviews about it, so I was ecstatic to win it 😉 .

So is it a coincidence that I have three marriage book that talk about love and prayer? Maybe I am making too much of it and perhaps I would have not even noticed but I had a weird moment on Saturday. I was at scrolling through comments at a Facebook party when I saw this link:

Bless Your Husband: Creative Ways to Encourage and Love Your Man


This is a recent release that I have seen circulating and every time I see it, I cringe. I hate to judge books without reading but this is one I said with was a POLITE skeptical look, ‘I’m sure it’s interesting….but not for me.’

I’m not sure why I read through the comments of a book that was not on my list but I did. I snorted when I saw a comment that said something about washing your husband’s vehicle. I have no issue with that I mean, men you’ll do it for us right, so why not? The reason for my unlady like snort was because I had a visual of myself washing my husband’s truck, leaving all sorts of water streaks that would send my husband to his death-bed. Maybe not that bad but he definitely would not want me to mess with his truck. He don’t even let me mow the lawn, not for consideration but for fear I might cut it too short or leave like a cow chewed on it on some spots! So as this visual took place an inner voice, (God or self-conscious?) spoke to me almost in an audible voice ‘Would you do it if he didn’t mind the streaks?’

Woah! Where did that craziness come from? I frowned and proceeded scrolling when the persistent thought scolded, ‘Not a very serving attitude.’

‘I fulfill my duties as wife and mother what are you talking about?’

‘Do you go beyond your duties’.

‘Well… It’s not like I go slashing his tires or do anything drastic when we have a disagreement. I may not make him his favorite dish when I’m mad but tuna is still food, right?

‘And you want to win your husband over’. 

This stung so bad tears came to my eyes, for I knew then I did not have a serving heart. I recalled,

Luke 6:33  And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that.

It’s easy to go beyond my duties when I am being treated kindly but how about in trying times? I dont get ugly I just stop serving. This was a revelation to me because I did not know this area in my life needed work. In January it will be 2 years that I began going to church and God is still working on me. Needless to say I commented :


I was later surprised to see I had a reply:


What?! Angela was not even giving this book away and boom she felt moved to bless me.

This would make it 4 books on this topic. Coincidence? I think not!! I believe y’all are about to witness Jessy go through a spiritual growth spurt!


25 thoughts on “Book Coincidence?

  1. I teared up reading this, Jessy!! ❤ I love hearing how the Lord is working! Thank you for sharing your conversation with the Lord, too. And bless the author for blessing you beyond her plans! God is getting ready to do some big things in your life, all right. 😉 Hang on, because it won’t be easy, but it will be the best thing for you and your husband. Praying for you!

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  2. Thank you! I debated if to add the conversation in what’s got to be the longest post I’ve written ♥. It seemed personal but I learn from others and maybe someone can relate.
    Thank you for your prayers! The same thought crossed my mind, it’s not going to be easy! Just like people can feel growing spurt pains, I am sure to feel them in my spiritual life. It helps to have the love and prayers from friends like you 💕!


  3. Sounds more than just a coincidence. There was stuff which I was not allowed to do (and probably rightly) but even now when I’ve got to do them I look over shoulder and get nervous. Before the world changed we differed on our world view and faith, but in the end we just agreed to differ – and it kinda worked out ok. Take care.

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  4. God never quits working on us. I’ve been a follower of Christ for a long time and believe me, his work isn’t done here, yet and won’t be fully complete until He takes me home. Just keep on growing one step at a time. It sounds like He is cheering you on with your new books. Praying soon your husband will come to the truth.

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