Happy Friday!πŸ’•

As my weekend begins, I hope everyone will enjoy theirs.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting for coffee with an author from George that I admire! What, what?!


I had done a review for her book last month and she asked if I wanted to review her next book that just release. Which I excitedly agreed to,Β  because I loved her first book! Then to my surprise she said she’d be flying to San Antonio if I wanted to meet for coffee and she could give me the book in person! I was beside myself!

So anyway we met yesterday and we had a lovely conversation, getting to know each other at a more personal level. She is a wonderful person with a kind spirit.

I am excited to read her latest release πŸ’•!


I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat, I have made so many great connections blogging. All of you are a blessing and I appreciate y’all!!πŸ’•

Here is the link from the book review and interview that led up to yesterday’s coffee! πŸ’•


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