Sunday Selections!

I hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday! This week I have selected three posts to share: I love the description of love in the first post, the second post is a beautiful original poem written by my friend Amy, and the third post is the most intriguing post about dinosaurs y’all!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, have a great day!



24 thoughts on “Sunday Selections!

  1. Awe thanks! I never new I was a poet until I started blogging…lol. who knew? It’s funny sometimes because I’ll have these cheesy poems saved in my drafts and then I’ll post them and people like them…and I’m like, really? What are you reading right now?

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  2. I just finished reading this awesome book on Friday Night by Christian Indie author, Kim Williams. I will probably post my review about it and do a giveaway this Tuesday so stay tune! She based them off of some love letters they found from her great grandfather to her great grandmother. The story itself is probably close to 4.5. What throws me a little back is the formatting of the book. Paragraph situations more than anything, but I truly loved the story:) 💕. Tomorrow I’ll probably start Finding Amory, by another Christian Indie author. If you ever want to do book reviews let me know, I can give you info. Publishers and authors will give you the books for free, all they ask is for honest review. I know you love to read so it can be a blessing 💕


  3. I do love to read but I’m so slow. Especially now that I’m addicted to blogging! I’m still reading the titanic book! But I’ll keep posted about the review thing and thanks for the offer.

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  4. Oh you are welcome 😊. Yes I’m thinking sometime in the afternoon. I’m conducting my first author interview along with the review and giveaway. She said she will send her replies by tomorrow evening :).


  5. I’m a firm believer in the young earth creationism. I believe that the stories of dragons were inspired by living dinosaurs. Even the bible speaks of a cockatrice. Which is described in ancient texts (non biblical texts) as being half bird and half serpent. The description fits Archaeopteryx.

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