My Blue Angel

Happy Sunday,  I hope everyone is doing great! I was trying to stay away from my blog until my next book review, but, I have been blessed today and wanted to share a little praise report.

Today we had missionary Dick Brogden, from Egypt as a guest speaker at my church. This was the first time I had heard of him and I was touched by the way God used him. I literally cried through most of the powerful sermon. When church finished I felt led by the Spirit  to buy his book. The only problem was that I had less than $10 in my pocket and didn’t have my debit card, so I probably wasn’t going to have enough money. Yet I felt like God told me that I needed it for my spiritual growth. So I told myself, I might as well check out the price and buy it next Sunday. I stood behind 3 women as a lady in blue stood behind me a few seconds after my arrival. Two women directly in front of me stood in deep conversation while the lady in front of them completed her purchase. I was lost in thought, my mind still on the preaching when the clerk called out, ‘Next in Line!’ I watched as the two ladies conversing hugged then parted leaving the line. Apparently one of them was accompanying the female who purchased and the third was only there to fellowship with the second lady. It took me a few seconds to make this deduction but, by then the lady in blue behind me ‘cut’ in front of me. I was surprised by her quick action but, let it be and was starting to wonder if I should just get my girls from their Sunday classes, but I felt compelled to stay. It was only seconds, and I’m pretty sure the lady in blue didn’t purchase anything before hurrying off. The clerk looks up with a smile and says, ‘May I help you’? I take a deep breath and ask, ‘How much is the book?’. She gives me an amount I’m positive I don’t have before she states, ‘All money from the book sale today is going to missions, and luckily for you the woman who just left purchased the book for you!’ I think my mouth flew open and I’m pretty sure I forgot my manners. ‘What?!’, I blurted.

The clerk couldn’t hold her big smile as she shrugged and replied, ‘I know right? The woman in front of you gave a donation and said to give you and the person who comes after you a book. Isn’t that amazing?’.

‘ Amazing’ is an understatement. By then I felt fresh tears spring to my eyes and I’m having trouble keeping them at bay. I scout around looking for my blue angel, but she’s gone. I give the clerk a quivering ‘thank you’ and step aside. I glance around once more and don’t see her. Then I realize someone greater is in control. ‘Thank you God for supplying! I don’t know what you are trying to teach me but, I’m sure you are through your word and this book. You’re hand is all over this and I surrender my will to you. Bless my sister in blue who obeyed you when you laid in heart to bless others. I don’t know her but you do. In Jesus name, amen’.

I’m pretty sure there was a joyful leap in my steps as I rushed to get my girls.



47 thoughts on “My Blue Angel

  1. Jessy, thank you for sharing those encouraging words. It is wonderful to see how God works in our lives in some of the simplest ways in which he shows us how much he cares about us and our needs. God bless you!

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  2. What a good thing you stood in line even though you suspected that you did not have enough. God knows our hearts and I recently heard the saying: “where God guides, He provides!”
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful testimony of God’s miraculous provision. Enjoy the book!

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  3. OMG, I love 😍 this saying, thanks for sharing it with me! I’m glad I waited too:). To think I almost walked away from a blessing I didn’t know was coming is a bit mind blowing! Thanks for stopping by, God’s blessings!!

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  4. Yes! When He gives us a small desire of our heart that we didn’t pray for because it seems to small to ask for and boom it’s there because knows our hearts. He reminds us that we are his children and he loves us.
    Thanks for stopping by!

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