Happy Saturday !!

Hello! I hope everyone is doing fine and getting their weekend on! Last weekend was super busy for me I’m looking forward to a more relaxing one this week. My oldest daughter has a volleyball game today, maybe a movie this evening or tomorrow after church, but that’s it, mamma needs some rest;)!!

Thank you everyone who participated in the poll this week. Historical romance beat the other genres by 2 votes! I have a fave author name Elizabeth Camden, who just had a release so I will get one book for me and one to giveaway! She always has a great plot and somebody usually knows someone popular in that era. In past books she’s had Roosevelt, Edison, and she just always adds fun stuff unrelated directly to the story about inventions at the time, or fun ‘did you know facts’ about famous people at the time,  thrown in her fictional characters’ conversations. Perhaps because the author is a reference Librarian, or maybe it’s just her unique style of writing but, I always learn so much history facts from her fictional books, in such an enjoyable manner;).

I read and love many historical romance authors but, she’s one of top ones in my list, so I’m super excited about this giveaway. I’ll post more details about the book and how to enter the giveaway on Monday so stay tuned, and enjoy y’all’s weekend everyone!

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