Love is Patient: Book Review

Happy Monday! This past weekend I finished reading the 3rd book in the ‘Love is…’ series by author Lilia Diller. . 41lb1Wa835L._SY177_

Love is Patient (Love is… series Book 3) shows valuable lessons as Morgan and Jason face temptations every couple faces, as well as the common stress that comes from planning a wedding. Towards the end I love the advice Morgan’s aunt gives her when Morgan starts getting ‘cold feet’. It is great godly consul not only for couples getting married but, for marriages that may be hitting a low. This is a great read for anyone who enjoys contemporary Christian romance or is wedding planning 😉 .

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With out further ado here is


Will there be a wedding after all?  In Love is Patient, Morgan wonders if she can survive making the 1,001 wedding decisions in spite of her family’s conflicting advice and opinions. Add work tensions and waiting to consummate their love, and Morgan’s patience wears thin. In order to show true agape love to their families, to each other, and to their God, they must conquer their selfish and lustful desires with true love, remaining patient, submissive, and pure. 

Will they learn to wait on the Lord? Or will they rush into an impure relationship and sully their love with guilt?

Based on the Bible’s definition of true agape love in 1 Corinthians 13, Love is Patient is the third installment of “Love is…” series, a contemporary Christian Romance continuing Morgan’s saga.


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