Thank you, for nominating me for the “3 Day Quote Challenge.” This should be alot of fun! THe rules for this challenge are, thankfully, easy to fulfill:

♣ Post a quote for 3 days, and explain why it appeals to you.
♣…Nominate bloggers each day! 
My quote today is by Ann Voskamp, 
Shame is a Bully and Grace is a Shield’. 
When I first heard this quote, I thought of all the occasions I let past regrets, and failures torture me into worthlessness. I am now learning to step behind grace and not beat myself down whenever I fail as a mom, wife, daughter, and child of God.  I’m going to make mistakes but, I will not let shame bully me! I will face my faults, try not to repeat them by learning from them, and not tear myself down  especially when grace is extended to me. Yes grace is a great thing but, it took me a while to embrace it and use as a shield against self destructing thoughts. :=) 
My nominees today are:


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