The Golden Vial: Book Review


So I tried a different genre than what I usually read. I’m not sure if it’s consider fantasy, magic, or what but, if you like Harry Potter or even twilight series you may enjoy this.

I was curious of how a Christian would write about magic differently than a main stream author. For starters he did not write any actual prayers, or chants made by the wizard, just would imply the characters did so before waving their wond or what not. There were people and animals with powers that would telatransport as well as telepathically communicate with each other. The story itself is mysterious and very interesting because one of the main characters Dally, is uncertain of how to use her powers, trying to figure out her role in this battle against the enemy, and she does not know her family history for she is an orphan.

This was book 3 and I feel I would of understood other characters’ roles better had I read book 1&2. In all I’d rate this a 4star and that is great considering its book 3, not my genre, and I had to look up lots of vocabulary Lol 😂. I honestly feel someone who likes magic and fantasy will find it 5 star quality :).  Here is:The Golden Vial (Legends of the Realm Book 3)

Product Description

Lady Shona, the newly crowned queen of the realm, is a leader without a throne. Pursued relentlessly by a dark force, her small contingent of loyal followers must make a difficult choice–flee or fight. Determined to save her land from nefarious threats, Lady Shona decides that she must seek out the enemy and attack them head on–a strategy that leads back to the region of the Three Valleys where Hyam was born.

Alas, Hyam has been struck by a mysterious illness that is silently sweeping through the realm. Known as the wasting disease, the sickness has no cure. But there is one shred of hope for Lady Shona and the realm–and it comes in the most unlikely of forms. A young orphan, untested and untrained, could well mean the difference between victory and total defeat.

Thomas Locke concludes his epic trilogy with a gripping tale of courage that will inspire readers to persevere even when all seems lost.

The Golden Vial (Legends of the Realm Book 3)


2 thoughts on “The Golden Vial: Book Review

  1. HER Tolkien said that Gandalf’s powers came from the abilities that he was created with. He said that he actually regretted calling it magic because in his mind it was more like technology that worked within the physics of his universe. I have a few stories that I have started and I try to avoid the words magic and sorcery. Instead, I use technology or refer to a person as having a gift.
    It’s hard to do and still appeal to the non Christian who doesn’t understand why it’s bad.

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  2. Come to think of it they would describe the orphan as gifted, in the book :). Honestly this was all new to me including the terms. This is genre I never touched even before becoming a believer. My sister in law had lent me the twilight series when I was on maturnity leave with my first child. I just couldn’t even get into it. This book was truly read out of curiosity to see how Christians writers approach this genre lol. Maybe one day I’ll be reading your stories with gifted characters:).


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