Remembering His Sacrifice

Happy Friday! Just one week until Good Friday ♥. I saw some beautiful cross bookmarks online from the Christian book store and decided I can pass them out to friends and family come resurrection Sunday. However instead of ordering them I decided to find something of the like here in town. I went to 7 different stores and was saddened to see that all the isles contain were bunnies and eggs. I hope we have not forgotten what Easter is all about. As I pondered about the sacrifice of Jesus, I remembered this song by Ray Boltz. It’s like a story coming from Simon, the one who helped Jesus carry the cross. I hope it inspires you as it did me :). Furthermore let’s encourage one another and glorified God by remembering the sacrifice that saves and frees us. Share with me some of your favorite scriptures or links of songs that honor the ultimate price Jesus paid for us. 🙂
I’ll kick off with this song.

14 thoughts on “Remembering His Sacrifice

  1. Hello txjessy.
    Thank you so much for sharing this dramatized song. It is powerful and moving and has touched me deeply.
    Would you mind if I shared the link to this at my site? I am running an Easter-related blog party but so far I am the only one to turn up 😊 so I’ve decided to go looking for suitable posts myself and if bloggers are agreeable, I’d like to share their link.


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