A bit of my Testimony

I was privileged to have my testimony featured on Rock Solid Faith. I pray it’s  a blessing. Thank you Rock Solid Faith!


This week on the blog, I am happy to be featuring Jessica from Faith and Books. As part of our testimony tour series, Jessica shares her personal journey with us on backsliding to finding her way back to God. I hope you will be blessed by her testimony.


Hello, my name is Jessica Alvarado and I am 35 years old. I am from San Antonio, Texas. From the age of 13-24, I served with my parents as missionaries in Mexico, then I came back to Texas to finish my education. I met my husband here and we are now parents to two beautiful daughters. I started my blog FAB (Faith and Books) in January, where I focus on books and bible verses that inspire me, as well as do book reviews for Christian authors & Christian publishers.


When I was 24 I hit a very dark place when unexpected life events happened. I know people at church meant well, but I was the center of attention and didn’t appreciate the pity looks I received. So, I started missing church and looking for friendships outside of church.

This wasn’t a bad thing, but I started joining my newfound friends in ungodly activities. For the first 24 years of my life, I was sheltered. I was home schooled and dedicated all my free time to assist newcomers, persons in need in hospitals, and on the streets.

I had never so much as stepped foot in a movie theater and all of sudden everything that I had never done started looking very appealing. My dad then was very strict and had a serious conversation with me about coming back to church. He was hoping I would snap out of it and told me that I had to pick God or my new friends.

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11 thoughts on “A bit of my Testimony

  1. Wow, girl! What a story, and thank you for sharing it. How many of us have had a time where we wandered from the faith? Plenty, I’m sure. In my case, my return came with a much deeper and genuine appreciation for God in all His goodness. Be well.

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  2. A wonderful testimony! Thanks so much for sharing it. I trust God will use you and your testimony to encourage other backsliders and draw new converts into his kingdom.

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