The Last Waltz: Review


I gladly present The Last Waltz, this MUST READ by talented author Murray Pura. Taken from an anthology of short fiction stories, set in 1863 during the cilvil war era.

Description: Charity Davis has not seen her husband Mitchell since he enlisted in the Confederate army in 1861. But war comes to northwestern Georgia in September 1863 at a place called Chickamauga Creek and her husband’s regiment has to march past the farm on its way to the battlefield. A bullet wound from a sniper brings Mitchell to his own farmhouse to seek help and to recover. Unexpectedly, Charity and Mitchell have the gift of a day together, a day when the war is far away, when the sun is golden, and when they are like bride and bridegroom again on the farm they first came to twenty years before.

My Thoughts: Author Murray Pura, beautifully wrote a story that left me reflecting long after reading it. I rate it a 5 star because, in such a captivating manner it emphasizes the great value on how we should embrace life by making the most of every moment with our loved ones and rejoicing in the days the Lord gives us. You know, live every moment…or dance every waltz as if it were your last;).

While it is very romantic, it is more than just a romance story. It has life lessons that every reader can enjoy and appreciate. So grab a box of tissue and let us waltz together❤. Murray Pura’s American Civil War Series – Cry Of Freedom – Volume 2 – The Last Waltz

20 thoughts on “The Last Waltz: Review

  1. The review on The Last Waltz was totally insightful. You have a sensitive, intelligent and heartfelt way of articulating your deeper thoughts. I’m grateful. Thank you.

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  2. Very interested! Good stories always help me get away… I need more if that in my world… this one I’m going to look into!


  3. Thank you!
    Murray, it is true. I really enjoy your books. I haven’t reviewed one in years (sorry 😦 ).
    I read around 300 books a year and review around a 100 or so. I read most of yours back when I first started and didn’t feel I could do them justice in my reviews. This review has led to a determination to re-read and then review your books. I let you know when, and my apologies for not having done it sooner.
    You have moved back to Canada, right? I hope all is going well!
    Blessings~ 🙂

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  4. 300books and 100reviews!!??
    I have 4 books to review this month. I’m thinking I’m not going to to pick up anything for April because I have 5other books I want to read and I want to enjoy them 🙂 … But, you know how that goes :).


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