Loving Your Enemies

Since February is the month of ‘love’, I decided to post a bible verse daily about amor on my Facebook page.

So this past weekend I searched twenty-something scriptures, so I wouldn’t be scrambling daily during the week looking for the ‘perfect’ verse. This is when I, came across the passage of Luke 6:27-35, the one that says to ‘love your enemy’. Yeah that one.

I immediately disregarded it thinking to myself, this is not what people want to hear! Besides I was initially looking for verses that spoke of God’s love towards us …though I ended up also selecting some of our love for God, love to friends, and loving our neighbors. However, picking out a scripture of turning the other cheek? That was too far fetched! Yet it kept nagging at me and I felt ashamed for not being bold enough for picking it as one of the chosen.

The more I pondered about it the more I realize that this pasage does reflect Jesus’ love. Didn’t he love his enemies and did good to those who hated and crucified him? Yes! He laid his life for them! They did not take it from him as it seems, although they did cause him great pain. Luke 6:28 says ‘pray for those who mistreat you’, didn’t he pray on the cross, ‘Father forgive them…'(Luke 23:34). Then there’s that one famous verse 29, the one about turning the other cheek. Guess what?! Jesus got slapped across the face(John 18:22)…and he did not fight back, but endured it all. Then the gospel continues to say if they take your cloak not to withhold your tunic. Jesus was most likely naked on the cross, since that was how they crucified back then and the solders were dividing his clothes amongst themselves (Luke 23:34). This is hard to swallow yet he, in v32 says, ‘if we only love them that love us we are no different than the sinners who also love those that love them.’ Ouch!! Not only are you asking me to do something complicated, but if I don’t you compare me to a sinner!?  While, it’s not an easy task to love your enemy and endure everything he did, Jesus by practicing what he preached, showed us it’s possible. He showed us how to love and pray for our enemies and is calling us to do the same. Stand out and be different from sinners by doing the opposite of what they do. As  Christians, we should aspire to be like Christ but, this is one area we may struggle with. However, if we choose to obey v35 says, ‘…Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.’ Wow what a reward! If we follow in his steps of being kind we get to be called children of the Most High! What honor and royalty! The awesomeness is that, as difficult and outrageous as ‘loving our enemy’ sounds, he give us the power and strength to do it. The choice is ours to make, will we be children of the Most High?

15 thoughts on “Loving Your Enemies

  1. This one is incredibly hard to live by! Lol though its so important because you never want to block your blessings. The ones that you have the potential to receive, or the potential to be..

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  2. By God’s grace, and in his strength, power, love, and wisdom within us, we can love our enemies. But, love is God-like love, which prefers what God prefers, which loves what he loves and hates what he hates. It stands for what is right and it clings to the good, but it hates what is evil. So, this love never compromises with evil, but it stands against it all the while doing good (as God defines good) to others. Jesus demonstrated this kind of love all the time, and he spoke the truth in love. This kind of love is what we often refer to as “tough love” sometimes, too, like how a parent sometimes must love his or her child. Jesus told people, in other words, not what they wanted to hear, but what they needed to hear, even if they didn’t like what he said, and even if they hated him in return. True love lays one’s life down in order to see others go free from their slavery to sin. It never coddles them in their sin.

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