Connecting With A Book Character


Have you ever connected with a book character? Well I have, and that may sound really insane especially if it’s a fiction book in the timeframe of 1898😆.

I’m ok with sounding pathetic to some, if a novel enlightens and inspires me;). The main character in Beyond All Dreams, is a shy librarian named Anna, working for the Library of Congress. She is trying to find out what happened to the ship Culpeper, which her father had been aboard, and disappeared over a decade earlier. It’s a good story that involves a US scandal, determination, father/daughter love, dreams, and a congressman who helps her find the truth while encouraging her to follow her dreams and step out of her comfort zone. I connected with Anna because, I share her love of libraries & books, (I don’t currently work in a library but, it’s my biggest dream to do so eventually), I have a degree in Library Science, I dream big but, am always hesitant to step out of my comfort zone. Not going too far, it took me a 8 months to finally decide to lounge my blog😂. So yes Anna, I totally felt your struggles in this book!

Although this story is fiction the author Elizabeth Camden, loosely based it on a true story of a US ship named Virginius, that was carrying weapons to Cuba to aid them in rebelling against Spain. Spain captured the ship and executed most of the people on the ship and since the United States government did not want to go to war with Spain , they down played the whole thing by accepting reparations from Spain to settle the matter quietly and kept the story hidden from the US. The story leaked over a decade later during the weeks leading to a vote on declaring war on Spain in hopes of swaying a dividing population on voting for war, which ended up being the Spanish America war.

So, if you love fiction novels with good morals, spiritual beliefs, and scandalous history, I recommend this awesome novel, which you can find on this link,Beyond All Dreams ! Also, it’s OK to connect with the characters, I certainly did with this book, and I’m sure you have at one point! Come clean, who is your book character? I have many, but in my latest readings, it’s Anna!

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