Lord’s Supper: redefined

As I drove to church today, I realize this weekend marks a year since I returned to church. What made today more significant was that they offered the Lord’s supper, making it feel like I was renewing my vows with God. You see in May 2017, I was listening to an audio book and I did my own research and was left in wonder at my new findings of the Lord’s supper. I never knew this and it gave a new meaning to my life.

It use to be a custom that when a Jewish man would propose to a women his father would pour a glass of wine and the son would then offer it in proposal to the woman saying, ‘This cup is a new covenant in my blood.’ If the woman accepted she would drink of the cup of wine then, the groom to be would leave to go prepare a place for her. So basically at ‘The Lord’s Supper’, Jesus proposed to us to be his wife, and he has gone to prepare a place for us.

When I discover this last year, it had easily been a decade since I participated in the Lord’s supper, because I had not congregated a church. The few times I had visited any, I would pass on the communion if it was offered, knowing it was sacred and feeling unworthy, since I wasn’t a devote follower.

When they did the communion in May with my new found knowledge I was ready to say yes to Jesus’ proposal. As I put my lips to the grape juice, I said yes Lord I want to be yours. I gave my all to him and can’t wait to see the place he is preparing for me.❤

Today what marked my weekend anniversary at Gateway Church, my eyes filled with tears as they passed the communion. One year has passed since I made the decision to start going to church again, it has not always been easy but very meaningful and God has carried me most of the way. As couples sometimes renew their vows, I today renewed my vow with God as I took the communion. May my faith in him continue to grow this year as I follow him and continue to consecrate my life to him. I still believe he has gone to prepare a place for us, and may he give me the strength to live the life destine to receive his promises.

4 thoughts on “Lord’s Supper: redefined

  1. Very touching. You changed my view on how I partake in the Lord’s communion. I knew what it was about but it’s different when seeing it through someone else’s eyes. I pray your relationship grows with Him like never before.


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